Chitra Kuteera

Chitra Kuteera is a memorial museum dedicated to the Parishath founder, H. L. Nagegowda where the photographs of works and interactions with the folk tribes to collect information for the project.


Loka Mahal is an art museum inundated with tribal art and craft works, that bear witness to the artistic soul and skills of the natives.

Lokamatha Mandir

Lokamatha Mandira is an archival museum of rural household items and agricultural including artefacts of domestic utility, farming and animal husbandry.


Shilamala is a courtyard within the Parishath complex where many ancient stone sculptures. dating back to 800 A.D. have been preserved.


Ayagaramala is unique with its open courtyard setting where on display are some of the finest works of ancient craftsmen.

Dodda Mane

Doddamane is a community hall where seminars and workshops are held. It is a replica of the traditional village house and translates as "the big house"

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