Our Mission

Revival and respectful preservation of Karnataka’s endangered folk cultures lies at the heart of the Janapada Loka Parishath. The mission of the Karnataka Janapada Loka Parishat to preserve and present Karnataka folk heritage through programs of research, documentation, archiving, exhibition and publication of folk traditions.

About Janapada Parishath

Karnataka Janapda Parishath founded by 1979 by H L Nage Gowda. should be reckoned as a milestone in the history of Karnataka Folklore. It was created to preserve and present Karnataka folk heritage through programmes of research , documentation, archival presentation , reference service, live performance, exhibition, publication and training. It has now one of the largest collection of ethnographic material as could be made out from the following pages.

Ever since its inception, the Parishath has launched innumerable programmes, of course, in phased manner, to capture the pristine glory of rural culture, preserve and publicize every related activity in such a relevance that the people at large should get the very pulse of it. Such a feed-back to the folk artists has provided not merely an encouragement but an impetus to their activity , specially in terms of self-esteemed. This two-fold cycle presupposes plenty of awareness of the situation imaginative interplay while execution above all administrational acumen to make the action bear fruit.

Aims and Objectives

The main objective of the Parishath is to promote, protect, propagate and publicize the folk tradition of Karnataka.

  • Compiling, preservation, improvisation, and promotion of all types of Janapada literature like folk idioms, colloquial phrases, songs, proverbs, stories, Bayalata events which are alive to date in the rural culture and community. More importantly publication of Janapada Journal, dictionary and encyclopedia.

  • Establishing museums to display not only costumes of village folk, devices and tools and other things used by them but also of several other articles that depict the rural life alive.

  • To award prizes for students who scores highest marks in Folk studies as an elective at the postgraduate level which in turn helps in developing interest among the modern people about Folk values. To hold lecture demonstrations at schools and colleges, to publish popular booklets

  • Audio recording of different captivating tunes of Folk music and establish a library of the audiocassettes and discs. Extending scholarships to research work concerning contribution of folk music to classical music. To produce audiotapes and discs to popularize folk music.

  • To hold exhibitions of folk art at different places to introduce the beauty and elegance of Folk art. Extend assistance to organize exhibitions. Provide opportunities to Folk artists and troupes to participate in national and international exchange programes. To encourage artists to create music and dance ballets based on Folk literature for community education and entertainment.

  • To generate still photographs and documentary films covering topics like village personalities and articles, car festivals and fairs, weddings and thread ceremonies, festivals rites and rituals.

  • To felicitate talented persons who have contributed significantly to Folk art and literature at the annual day celebrations of the trust. Arranging monthly pension, honorarium, and maintenance allowance from the government to the needy Folk artists, fieldworkers.

  • Training the Folk artistes in folk music, dance, Yakshagana-Bayalata to enable them to perform in radio and TV and provide opportunities to participate in these media.

  • To hold seminars, folk melas, competitions and exhibitions.

  • Opening art schools to teach Janapada.

  • Establish 'Janapada Siribhuvana' which serves as administrative office in Bangalore and also a place to host folk cultural activities by building the required infrastructure


  1. Karnataka Janapada Parishat was founded on 21 st March 1979 with the chief aim of promoting, preserving, propagating and documenting the folk traditions of Karnataka. It has successfully completed 37 years with many milestones to its name

  2. Recording of Folk music sung in various styles and tunes by authentic folk musicians. Production and sale of audio cassettes or discs of folk music rendered by new artists but instrumental music composed suitable to their lyrics, voice, style and melodies.

  3. Establishing museums displaying folk musical instruments, puppets, household articles, traditional jewellery-apparels, arms-weapons, earthenware, life-size statues depicting the styles of Yakshagana artists, masks, photographs, paintings and many more native artefacts of Karnataka.

  4. Video filming of the life of villagers, their festivals and customs, dances, puppet shows, 'sannata' and 'Krishna parijatha' dramas, sports and musical instruments.

  5. Preparation of thousands of traditional colour transparencies on the above mentioned subjects.

  6. Publishing of the journal "Janapada Jagattu" dedicated to study, research, discussion, review and analysis of Karnataka Folklore's.

  7. A library exclusive to the study and research of Janapada.

  8. Holding seminars and Janapada Kalamelas.

  9. Celebrating folk artists through of felicitations.

  10. Building Sobane Chikkamma a fully-equipped studio with necessary equipment's for audio recording, video filming , preparation of slides and screening of films.

  11. Starting of Folk research centre and Folk University with the collaboration of Bangalore University.

  12. Production of Sirigandha serial with 108 episodes.

  13. Publishing Folk literary works.

  14. Conducting training courses in native folk-dance forms.

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