Executive Committee

1. Sri. T. Thimmegowda
(Rtd. I.A.S. Officer and Former Member State Finance Commission)
Chairman of Karnataka Janapada Parishath

T. Thimme Gowda - Chairman of Janapada Loka Parishath

A post graduate in Economics, Mr. T Thimme Gowda had worked as Lecturer, Assistant Commissioner, Special Deputy Commissioner, Secretary to BDA, Deputy Commissioner, Chief Scretary, Director- Survey, Settlement and Land records, Housing Commissioner Bangalore, Secretary to Govt Horticulture Dept, Diivsioal Commissioner Bangalore, Commissioner of Transport and Managing Director of Kaveri Nigama Limited.

After retirement, he has been appointed as President of prestigious Karnataka Janapada Parishath and Janapda Loka. He is also foundation trustee of Krishik Sarvodaya Foundation a charitable institution which provides free training to IAS aspirants.

With vast experience in administration and local self government who also has a background in Economics, folklore and culture have been an important part of his inner world. A person rural background from Mangala, ( Mandya District, Karnataka, India) who joined Karnataka government in 1974 as KAS officer, and who was later elevated as an IAS officer in 1991, has been honest, straightforward and upright officer. Even though he has worked in senior ranking positions in various state government departments in various capacities, he is humble to the public. His door was open for public and thus has been a favorite officer for general public. Being commissioner of various districts he helped lots of people. He earned very good name as a commissioner of Transport and later Managing Director of Kaveri Nigama. Hence the State Government also appointed him as member of the task force on the Implementation of Third State Finance Commission. He has written books and several articles on burning issues. He is a leader with intelligence, honest, hardworking, understanding, compassion and wide range of knowledge about the country. In addition to his passion for folklore, he has rendered his service for folklore artists of Karnataka.. And now he is doing great job as a President of Karnataka Janapada Parishath and Janapada Loka.

2. Managing Trustee - Shri Aditya Nanjaraj
(Grandson of Sri H. L. Nage Gowda)

Aditya Nanjaraj - Managing Trustee of Janapada Loka Parishath

3. Secretary - Dr. H. R. Raje Gowda (Ex Member, Karnataka Janapada and Yakshagana Academy)

Raje Gowda - Secretary of Janapada Loka Parishath

4. Board Members

1. Sri. T. Thimmegowda
(Rtd. I.A.S. Officer and Former Member State Finance Commission)
Chairman of Karnataka Janapada Parishath

2. Shri Aditya Nanjaraj
Managing Trustee and Grandson of Sri H. L. Nage Gowda

3. Dr. H. R. Raje Gowda
Secretary and Ex Member, Karnataka Janapada and Yakshagana Academy

4. Dr. Arya Lakshmi Narayana Alva
Social worker

5. Dr. S.L Timmayya
Popular doctor, Ramanagar

6. Prof. H.S. Ramachandre Gowda
Folk scholar

7. Prof. Jayaprakash Gowda
Professor and Organizer

8. Dr. Saraswathi Chimmalagi

9. Smt Shanthi Nayaka
Folk scholar

10. Director
Kannada and cultural Department

11. Director
State Tourism Department

12. Director
State Archeological Department


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